Creativity is a way of life for Miki Wise. She is a Kimberly High School Art Instructor, a professional choreographer, a community theatre performer, and she teaches adult painting classes on the side with her “Painting with Miki” business. A former professional Apparel Designer, Miki studied Clothing, Textiles, and Design at UW-Stout, Art Education at Silver Lake College, and she has a Masters Degree in Education from UW-LaCrosse. She was recently awarded the Herb Kohl Fellowship for excellence in education.

She has exhibited her work, been published, and been awarded special recognitions by organizations such as Artspace Collective, J. Richeson Gallery, The Trout Museum of Art, Main Street Artworks, Feather and Bone, and more. 

Miki is thrilled about her new personized painting party business where she teaches participants, in a step-by-step manner, to produce beautiful paintings they can be proud of. She will teach a class anywhere (in a home or restaurant, etc.) for events such as bachelorette parties, team building activities, reunions, couples’ date nights, and more.  Miki holds public events every month at Hilde’s Deli and Bakery in Chilton and this opportunity has really helped “Painting with Miki” grow! Check out her page on Facebook for more details.


My work reflects who I am and who I have been.  My family members are each reflections of different facets of myself, past and present.  In my paintings, I try to not only document the current or historical look of a person, but to share my own meaningful experiences with that person and the feelings they evoke.  I feel the same way about the places that are special to me. In painting, I can show the viewer how I perceive my subject to be.  I often use photographs as models for my work, but a photograph only expresses the truth a precise moment.  A painting can tell you so much more.

The action of layering paint causes me to feel as if I am bringing my subjects to life, solidifying and defining with each layer.  The process of painting is soothing and meditative for me.  I am not sure why it has such a calming effect on me, but as I paint, I reach a very comfortable zone that I do not want to leave. Color, line and detail are focal in my work.  I enjoy the way I can control the mood of a piece by combining these elements in “just the right way”.  I am not a soft, pastel sort of a person.  I thrive on bright, intense color.  A single composition can be altered in so many ways by the use of different color choices and combinations.  I find this to be an exciting facet of painting.

As a former professional Apparel Designer, I have a lot of experience with creating three-dimensional objects.  For this reason, I feel very comfortable working with fibers, clay, metal, and other sculptural materials.  Two of my submissions are from a series of “Geode” paintings I have created with double layers of canvas that are sliced, twisted, and sewn into sculptural forms.  I love the way light and shadow play with the colors I have painted on my surfaces!  These paintings change with each step a viewer takes as he or she passes by. 

As an art educator, I want to inspire and motivate young people to enjoy art and to express themselves through art.  The knowledge and tools that I have been given through my education enable me to clearly share my passion and enthusiasm for the visual arts with my students.  I make an effort to continuously work as an artist outside of school to express myself, to realize personal dreams, and to be a strong example to my students.


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