Max has been making Art of one kind or another for most of his life.  He studied Studio Art at Pratt Institute in New York City, with a strong focus on print making. Max enjoys painting as well and has shown his work in galleries in both Wisconsin and New York. His print work is available through his studio Feather Factory Press. 

Max is also a musician and has spent his time as a touring performer with various musical acts. He is currently residing in Nashville TN, but was raised in Chilton, WI and graduated from Chilton High School in 2005.



(cards XVII, I, II of the Frechette Major Arcana)

Over the past 32 years of my existing and creating, the vast majority of my time, focus and energy has revolved around producing. I have a constant need to express and utilize my human ability, that is, being capable of abstract thought.  I often feel as though it is the only measure of my existence. Over the past couple years, I have noticed a change in my feelings toward my work. Not only did I notice my feelings change but my peers’ and collaborators' as well. As my performance and studio work progressed I felt bored, fearing my work to be cheap and contrived. When first acknowledging this, I suspected my choice of medium may be the thing holding me back: creating two dimensional art and playing and performing Rock and Roll. After locking away my tools of the trade and painfully existing without the focus of creating work, I noticed something. The amount of times the words “I” or “ME” showed up in lyrics or song titles was so frequent that it seemed pathetically pesky, needy and shallow. The visual images I was creating were just two dimensional, acting as a billboard for whatever personal turmoil or self-promotion I had the impulse to project at any given moment. Sadly, it was difficult to tell which the imitator was: “ART” or “LIFE”? In stepping back and allowing Life to happen, it was inevitable that Art would follow.

At one point in time, our earliest ancestors were triggered by a random stimulus. It may have been a splintered animal bone or split rock. It was the first idea stimulator, invoking their abstract thought. Hungry to make work again, my eyes have been peeled, looking for inspiration in the things, people, and places around me. I feel the need to express something larger than “I” and “ME”, to find a way to speak from the Universal Unconscious affecting all of us. The revolving fashion of popular science and spirituality is ever changing. While living in New York City over the past 13 years and more recently New Orleans I’ve noticed an abrupt change in the area of individual belief systems and practices. It seems everywhere and everyone surrounding me was revolving around the supernatural, mystical practices, or phenomena of the Occult. I was eavesdropping on an evening of tarot card readings, waiting for my idea generator to be found. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the idea stimulator I was waiting for was the idea stimulator itself, the tarot card. People are coming to the reader as their creative consultant, the same way one might seek out a clergy member or a Fortune 500 company will hire a creative consultant to help with a problem. The difference is that a tarot reader is limited to 78 cards as random stimuli. The reader uses the assortment of symbols, stories and archetypes depicted on the cards.  

Upon realizing this I understood I could build on the tarot experience and affect an audience with my own work. “Creative Consultation (cards XVII, I, II of the Frechette Major Arcana)” Is at triptych. Three cards that were once pulled for me. I have recreated them in my own style of printmaking and aim to draw people in with a visually attractive figurative work. The cards display my own version of the symbols and images used in the many versions of the tarot dating back to 1450 A.D. In the same way I had to step back from projecting literal statements revolving around my individual experience, I plan to place these three cards before the viewer. This may be the idea stimulator that affects their thoughts or concerns, peaks their interest in my artistic process or pleases them to look at. If any of those experiences a product of this work, it will be successful.  



Acrylic on Board, 48” x  48”


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