My name is Ciara Quella. I am sixteen years old, and I have loved art since I was a toddler. I used to be quite obsessed with drawing horses, but fortunately, I have expanded my horizons a bit.:)I now enjoy creating 2D artworks with a variety of mediums and subjects. I currently go to Hilbert High School, and my plan is to go to college to major in Studio Art. I would then pursue my dream of being a self-made artist. I have been blessed with the gift to create, and I would love to share that with people around the world!



Painting, 16x20

This is a hyperrealism painting of a flower. I used acrylic paint for this piece of art. A couple of my favorite things about this painting is the value in the petals and the bright details in the center of the flower:)



Painting, 8 1/2" by 11"

This is an adorable piece of scratch board art. It is a golden retriever(now silver!), and I love this one! Making the different textures and line work of the body was so fun. It just looks like he is asking for a snack!:)



Painting and Mixed Media, 15" by 22 1/2"

This multi media artwork is like its title: bold. It is a mixture of water color and acrylic paints. The unnatural color combinations of this piece make it unique and beautiful. These elephants are one of kind!



Painting, 16" by 20"

If anyone has seen Bob Ross' "Oval Essence", this painting will look quite familiar. This is a rectangle version of this piece. Instead of oil paints like Bob used, this artwork is made of acrylic paints. The line work on the waves were the most difficult part, and possibly my most favorite detail as well!


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