A few years ago, I sold my belongings to take a chance and dedicate my time to the one thing that makes me feel alive, art. With a focus on murals, street art and canvas paintings, my process is all about bringing to life the idea (as crazy as it may be), while appreciating the importance of human connection. In art and life, I’ve found the best way to find our true potential is to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

I challenge myself with my art and share this passion by working with communities, to bring strength and inner peace through a combination of creativity and connection. Regardless of race, gender, age or background, I strive to push people beyond what they think they’re capable of and understand happiness is achievable by being real, and most importantly, taking positive action.

Through my art I not only bring to life messages from deep within my soul, but also hope to inspire others to follow what is truly within theirs, fearlessly.




Painting, 5ft x 4ft

”Our patterns and beliefs create an intricate web of thoughts, feelings and actions, aligning the pieces of our lives. Though at times we may feel like an actor in someone else’s play, we are in a sense, composing. With each decision we make influenced by past experience, we can continue in the same cycle or alter the course. Stepping outside of the ego creates a shift in perspective and a shift in perspective means a shift in destiny. It allows us to reflect an outer world based on the infinite power of our soul. Perhaps this doesn’t lift the veil, but awakening to it’s existence may be the very key to understanding purpose.”



Painting, 3ft x 3ft

Whatever my exterior experiences, whether it be gentle waves or a crashing storm, like the depths of the ocean there is always a sense of calm deep below.



Painting, 2.5ft x 3.33ft

Acrylic on canvas- black and white paint on gold and silver detailed washed background with hints of blue.

RealEyes_Audifax_StreetArt - Audifax Art


Painting, 15ft x 9ft

REAL EYES - Street art Barcelona, Spain

Spray Paint - Free-hand solo piece.

Location: Agricultura, Poblenou

Waking up to the warrior within doesn’t just mean you discovered strength, instead you faced your demons and are at peace with the light and even the dark parts of who you are.


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